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A systemic approach

Let me accompany you on your journey

I will tailor my approach depending on what you come to see me about - from simply listening and being inquisitive to writing plans down and coming up with clear goals, via systemic constellations and other tools.

Glückliche ältere Paare,
Bank mit Aussicht
Gutenachkuss vom Kind


Communication, proximity/distance, sexuality, common goals

Every relationship matters, some more than others- and so, the relationshop you share with your partner may very well benefit from a professional analysis of the wishes and fears that each partner harbours. Communicating with truthfulness is, as we all know, easier said than done: that´s where a dedicated couples´ therapist comes in.

Individual needs

Heartaches, break-ups, loneliness, misunderstandings, dating fatigue

Sometimes you realise that some events in your life are so painful that being listened to would give a welcome relief; you may be struggling and finding it difficult to cope, you need a sympathetic ear and someone to gauge your progress and discuss new ways for you to advance and thrive. Whatever the topic " we can work it out together ".

Life Coaching

Single parenting

It´s a scenario I´m very familiar with, having gone through it myself. When  raising your child on your own, the weight of the responsibilities you face can wear you down, juggling with work pressures, and financial pressures whilst ensuring your personal needs and aspirations are met: getting it right can be tricky. But help is at hand. Let´s see to it.

Couples may wish to see me on my own - or with two therapists at an extra cost of 50 euro per session. 
I will first invite you to tell me everything, interrupting whenever the same ground is trodden - the aim being to break a mould that might have become a little too snug for one of the partners, or for both. We can discuss conflicts, sexuality, family matters and cultural upbringing, past experiences but primarily present issues. We can hold the session bilingually if need be. 


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