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My story

Growing up with a German mother and a Franco-British father, I have many a quirky story to tell of how they viewed the world and how my brother and I were introduced to their respective culture. Tackling three languages, going on long car rides across a multifaceted Europe, experiencing a mixed bag of croissants, English breakfast tea, baked beans and Knödel mit Rotkohl, I might have got lost. But I am here to listen to YOU, your story, and it will resonate with me! How was it for you? It´s all about how you feel and what makes you tick!
How is your experience with a partner from another country? With parents from different countries?

Couples may wish to see me on my own - or with two therapists at an extra cost of 50 euro per session. 
I will first invite you to tell me everything, interrupting whenever the same ground is trodden - the aim being to break a mould that might have become a little too snug for one of the partners, or for both. We can discuss conflicts, sexuality, family matters and cultural upbringing, past experiences but primarily present issues. We can hold the session bilingually if need be. 


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